Traveling with Horses

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Taking a vacation with your horse is becoming more and more popular these days. Driving across the country for a week or two and exploring many miles of new trails is a great way to develop a deeper bond with your horse.

Horse traveling tips

Adding a horse to the usual vacation equation does complicate things a bit, as you can probably guess. However, if you keep a few things in mind as you plan, your trip should go smoothly:

  • Bring up-to-date copies of all vaccination records, including a negative Coggins test. Most horse lodging facilities require proof of vaccination before they will stable your horse, so don't leave these important papers at home.
  • Make a checklist of all supplies you will need for your horse and yourself. Don't leave in a rush and forget essential items—make a list in advance and recheck it before you leave home.
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  • Bring food for your horse. Depending on how particular your horse is, you will either need to bring enough food for your horse for the entire trip or make sure there will be suitable food at each destination. Either way, it's good to have food on hand just in case.
  • Plan a route that gives you and your horse the proper amount of rest. Traveling is hard on both horses and humans. Make sure you don't go too long between rest stops, and don't push yourself and your horses too hard during each day's drive.
  • For lodging, choose well-maintained facilities that are clean and horse-friendly. You don't want to be stuck overnight in a place where you or your horses don't feel safe and comfortable.

Bring your horse to Palmquist Farm

Bring your horse to Palmquist Farm

Palmquist Farm in Northern Wisconsin can provide you with those ideal lodging conditions. Whether you are just passing through the area on your way to somewhere else or you want to stay a while and explore our many miles of wooded trails, The Farm is a great place to visit. Palmquist Farm has remodeled indoor box stalls in addition to outdoor corrals, so your horse will be happy no matter what. And if you want to check out the facilities before you bring your horse with you, feel free to stop by for a visit. The Farm welcomes all guests, with or without horses.

A horse-friendly vacation

Palmquist Farm has always had a rich equestrian history. From the early days of The Farm, horses did much of the farm work before modern machinery took over. Horseback riders have been coming to the farm for generations, and The Farm's own Belgian draft horses can often be seen pulling winter sleigh. Take a look at the rest of the Palmquist Farm website for more information on what The Farm has to offer you on your next visit.

"What a great weekend. We should have stayed longer! The trails are beautiful, the food is delicious and the hospitality is unbeatable. Thank you for everything. We'll be back!" -Sandra, Marion, WI