Winter Guest Meals

Farmhouse dining room at Palmquist Farm

"We loved our stay again. Your staff is so very nice and friendly. The food was awesome as always. We'll be back soon." -Barb & Hank


We will provide meals to-go which can be eaten in your cabin or the lodge. We ask that you wear your mask when you come to take your food from the buffet. We will call each group up to the buffet at a time, so you aren’t standing near anyone else. Children ages 10 and younger are not allowed to serve themselves at the buffet and must be served by an adult. Before you take your food, you will be required to use hand sanitizer. We will have speical dishes and conatiners that will make it easy to bring food back to your cabin. We will have a dish bins outside your cabin to leave the dirty dishes in. We may implement other protocols as we see fit to make sure meal times are as safe as possible.

Winter overnight guests enjoy three meals a day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in the Farmhouse.

Breakfast includes:

Hot 7-grain cereal, homemade granola, fruit, a variety of breakfast sweets such as blueberry muffins or Finnish coffee cake, an egg or pancake dish, homemade toasted bread (wheat and white), juice, coffee, tea, and milk.


Lunch includes:

Homemade soup (including chili, chicken noodle, and cheesy vegetable), homemade Finnish wheat and white bread, fruit trays, homemade cookies, hot chocolate, Russian tea, and milk.

Dinner includes:

2 main entrees, a potato or rice dish, a hot vegetable, a lettuce salad and another salad, our homemade Finnish wheat and white bread, assorted desserts and beverages.