Palmquist Farm Walking Tour Book


"What a perfect weekend! The snow was perfect and the weather was just like it had been ordered. Toinie is a perfect cook and Art a perfect guide and host. May we come again?!" -Jean & Cecil, January 1976

Explore the history of The Farm through the voice of Jim Palmquist, owner, operator, (along with his wife Helen) and grand storyteller of Palmquist Farm. Discover which cabin was booked before it was build. Learn why the maple tree in front of the Farmhouse is called the Anniversary Tree. Find out how the Palmquist family got into the hospitality business in the first place along with many more stories that make each building at Palmquist Farm come to life.  

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Walking Tour Table of Contents

  • The Farm's Beginnings: From Then To Now
  • Gate Over Driveway
  • Driveway Bridge
  • Big Sauna
  • Horse Barn
  • Red Barn
  • Sauna Cabin
  • Farmhouse Gate and Bell
  • Farmhouse
  • Finnish Swing
  • Maple Tree (Anniversary Tree)
  • Apple Tree
  • Old Logging Camp Office/Employee Cabin
  • Blacksmith Shop
  • Pickaroon Saloon
  • Sugar House
  • Old Machinery Shed
  • Red House
  • Maki house
  • White Pine Inn

Walking Tour Preview

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