The Farmhouse


"Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us."
-Stephen & Paula, August 1976

Main Floor Dining Area

dining room

This original Farmhouse has been the gathering place on Palmquist Farm for 4 generations. It continues this tradition by housing the dining room where all guests gather at meal times. Enjoy the sweet smell of homemade chocolate chip cookies or freshly baked bread. Make yourself at home by the fireplace in the dining room. Drop in on Helen Palmquist as she prepares each meal and bakes for the guests in the kitchen.

Take a look at the:

  • old-fashioned wood-burning stove
  • antiques
  • Finnish wall decorations
  • family memorabilia, including portraits of the Palmquist family's ancestors

Guest Rooms in the Farmhouse

The Farmhouse has 2 guest suites.

The Queen Room

  • located on the first floor
  • private ¾ bathroom.
  • newly furnished and newly restored, 100-year-old walnut floors
  • electric stand-alone fireplace
  • queen bed

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Second Floor Suite

These 4 rooms are perfect for couples traveling together or a larger family

  • king size or two single beds available
  • private full bath
  • private cozy sitting room stocked with books and magazines

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History of the Farmhouse

old farm house

The Farmhouse was originally two houses that were built by two different families and later moved together. The oldest half of the house, which is now the south portion of the Farmhouse, was built around 1900. Around 1913, Anton Palmquist, Jim's grandfather, bought the house in preparation for his marriage to Alena Gustafson. Alena's family lived about ¼ mile away, so they decided to join the two houses together.

In 1914, the Gustafson family jacked their house up above the foundation and put it on log rollers. Using a series of pulleys, ropes and horses, the Gustafson house crept its way across the field to where it now rests as the northern half of the Farmhouse.

Since the two halves joined, the Farmhouse has seen constant improvements and remodeling. Over the years, walls were taken down to open up the space. The most recent major revisions came in 1998-2000, when the kitchen was completely remodeled and the large porches were added.

If you’d like to learn more about the history of this cabin and Palmquist Farm, including early pictures, check out the Palmquist Farm Walking Tour book.